Just fold it in half and sew around it...

First, we are glad to see the Austin bomber out.  That was getting close.  The fedex location where the packages were shipped was across the street from where Syd works and the Goodwill is the one we shop at, both locations about 2 miles from home in opposite directions.  The news is coming so fast that in the pauses, the reporters and newscasters are tripping over themselves trying to find something to talk about.  They're not going to cut to another story because they might miss the scoop of the next thing released.  So, I have it turned down so I can hear anything new without having to hear all the rest. 

Anyway, I'm taking the baby blanket in today. 

It's cute.  I can see why the Mom wanted a blanket made from this.  But, what I did is not what should have been done with this.  There were things I said I'd try that I couldn't do.  I couldn't sew it right sides together and turn it.  The fuzzy right sides shifted too much and I couldn't keep it from bunching.  Wrong sides together is a knitted texture and that didn't walk so much. 

I did serge around the edge and then sewed a line a half inch in from that for stability.  I wanted to sew a hashtag across it to hold the two layers together for laundering, but I couldn't get that to work.  The fabric is stretchy and I don't have the skills to sew two stretchy fabrics together.  And, wasn't all that innerested in learning them.  So, I sewed two stability basting stitches along the center line.  I hope that will help keep it from separating in the wash, but I won't swear to it.  And, I'm not laundering it to find out.

That's it for me.  Almost halfway through the workweek.  I have a class with Edyta Sitar coming up.  We're going to make tree blocks.  I'm going to fellowship with other quilters.  Time to check on that supply list.  I know I own everything I'll need. 

But, will I be able to find it?

Have a great day!  Lane